Willis Towers Watson RiskAgility FM Cloud

de Towers Watson Software Limited

A one-stop workplace for Actuarial modelling

RiskAgility FM Cloud is a new way to experience actuarial modelling, bringing together powerful actuarial software, a virtual workplace built around cloud technology and elastic services to maximise the benefits from your software investment.
Building on top of the highly efficient RiskAgility FM 3.0 engine, and backed by the power of Microsoft Azure, Willis Towers Watson RiskAgility FM Cloud delivers a high availability environment allowing users to securely host, manage and run their data and software in the ‘cloud’, complemented with highly scalable services to provide cost-efficient on-demand compute. This allows you to work completely in the cloud via an internet browser which reduces the constraints of internal IT resource and avoids storing these resources physically within onsite servers. All of this is done without sacrificing the privacy and security of your data.


Whatever your business goals, a vendor-provided cloud-based solution allows you to deliver faster, to better quality and more cheaply:

  • Reduced IT costs and environmental impact over private hardware and in-house IT subject-matter specialists
  • Earlier access to the latest tools without costly deployment cycles or desktop limitations
  • Improved business agility through elasticity and on-demand scaling, and hence competitive advantage against peers
  • Faster delivery of regulatory work giving more time for value-add activities
  • Reducing VPN Loads and supporting cloud-first strategies, by minimizing duplication and transport of unnecessary data


Existing RiskAgility FM clients may take advantage of its modular nature to improve on their existing IT estate:

  • Adding “vGrid” compute as a service to existing desktop or server-based deployments, saving on compute costs and in-house grid experts
  • Moving to “vPlace” virtual desktop to enable more power and facilitate deployment of specialist software in complex standardised desktop environments
  • Updating to RAFM 3.0 to get more value from their IT budget and more productivity from their expensive actuarial resource


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