BLUE CRM Pharma Operational Suite

de Trueblue s.p.a.

The complete CRM operational suite for pharma industry

Trueblue’s BLUE CRM is a scalable, configurable and multi-device solution for the Pharma world, which emphasizes and encourages understanding of the territory and ensures an increase in business, turnover and Sales Force efficiency. An industry-specific model able to support corporate sales strategy decisions, ensure usability of data and foster an accurate targeting and profiling of your customer base, in order to assess the territory’s potential. An essential tool when it comes to boosting and monitoring ROI following visits to physicians and stakeholders, focused on new products’ presentation and samples distribution. With BLUE CRM, all your operational and statistical data on your customer base will be updated in real time, thus guaranteeing an effective monitoring of all internal processes and data quality. Its intuitive and proactive dashboards will help you elaborate the best multi-channel strategy for your territory by focusing on the right KPIs. KEY BUSINESS BENEFITS • Easy: Trueblue offers a single customer database infrastructure for the different business functions, facilitating management of visits, homonyms and assignment of sales territories and targets. • Proactive: Trueblue’s solution offers a powerful analytical engine that ensures operating flexibility, integration, sharing and integrated analysis of all corporate information. • Multifunctional: BLUE CRM includes an analytical model integrating sales and activity data.

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