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horizon® is a powerful data collection & workflow management tool.

horizon® is a process automation tool that works independently, besides, or integrated with traditional ERP or CRM tools, to facilitate the creation, management and measurement of business processes, especially approval-based processes. Horizon allows you to create and manage forms-based processes, define multiple levels of approvals and visualize them to make better business decisions.

horizon® allows you to quickly and effectively implement the following:

  • Surveys: Create private or public surveys to gather strategic information to take better decisions. With horizon, you get visual information as well as details from your customers (internal or external).
  • Forms: You may create forms and define the flow they will follow when they’re filled. It can be as simple as just gather some info, or it can have several layers of approvals/transformation from your defined groups or members.
  • Workflows: These are combinations of forms: You may define a full process of data-collection, approvals, data transformation and reporting. You will define the flow of the forms involved.

horizon® allows your organization to:

  • Deploy forms, processes and approvals software applications without coding or modifying the ERP or CRM systems.
  • Quickly set up forms from an inventory of forms types to capture information based on your needs and then create processes, workflows and approval methods and standards.
  • Achieve faster and more efficient execution of processes by eradicating manual labor, rekeying and faulty, repetitive or redundant workflows.
  • Use the Approval Processing Engine to define and track workflows approvals with Digital Signatures. 
  • Visualize your organization’s processes through dashboard and flow presentations.
  • Publish, gather and visualize survey results to justify business decisions.
  • Reduce application build time from weeks to minutes. Eliminate a reliance on in-house IT for forms-based process related applications. 
  • Fill the holes between different processes and applications without the need for complex application development.
  • Horizon supports connections to external sources (APIs, Web Services) and white labeling for your customization.
  • Enhance collaboration and teamwork by tying forms and surveys into ongoing processes. 
  • Improve overall quality and speed of execution. Horizon makes your organization more effective and more powerful.

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