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TwinThread Learning Factory

TwinThread, Inc

Industrial intelligence platform that empowers domain experts to solve problems at scale.

We believe that the factory of the future is a "learning factory." TwinThread's Learning Factory is enabling the future operating model for modern industrial enterprises with our Smart Operations Center technology. It is production-ready from Day 1 and built for enterprise scale. 

The Learning Factory is a SaaS solution built on Azure's IoT, data platform, advanced analytics, and AI building blocks to empower domain experts to solve manufacturing problems at scale. We take a fresh approach to deliver industry-leading, accelerate time-to-value based on three simple steps: 

  1. Get Visibility: TwinThread's out-of-the-box data agents quickly connect to all types of industrial data sources, including PLCs, Historians, OPC, and product quality and lab databases. The Learning Factory leverages Azure's IoT Hub to ingest data quickly and to demonstrate the power of learning from your data across all types of industrial data sources. Our Digital Twin asset model automatically organizes, prepares, and contextualizes the data for generating insights across all production lines and factories. 
  2. Get Insights: Our pre-built analytics templates automatically deploy machine learning models to solve problems related to individual machine performance, production line downtime, and product quality issues at enterprise scale. These models include intelligent conditional alerting, identification of behaviors that are not normal through anomaly detection, and predictions related to problems that have a significant impact on the business. 
  3. Take Action: TwinThread's Digital Threads empower domain experts, including process and reliability engineers, to transform insights into action.