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Uncrowd FRi platform


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The ground-breaking customer analytics platform

Uncrowd’s Friction/Reward Indexing™ (FRi™) answers retail's most fundamental question 'Why do customers choose retailer x over retailer y?' In the era of total and easy access to competing choices, knowing where they stand among those choices is a retailer’s number one priority.

With Uncrowd FRi™ retailers can:

  1. Win more shopper missions as the preferred option
  2. Identify safe opportunities to reduce costs
  3. Operationally and strategically optimise effort

Most retailers unlock at least $1m additional operating profit using FRi.

Value Proposition

Knowing why a shopper will choose you over a rival is priceless.

Uncrowd’s FRi™ analytics platform with integrated AI and ML provides unparalleled insights into shopper preference, behaviours and likelihood to buy; actionable-insights that make shopping easier, reduce friction, increase reward, slash churn, optimize budgets and reduce costs while optimizing customer acquisition spend and CX budgets in general

This is a 100x solution to a holy grail problem.

Win more shopper missions with Uncrowd

The world’s leading experts on friction versus reward. Our FRi™ platform reveals customer truths

"You need to know your Friction/Reward Index™. It tells you how to win more shopper missions, more often. It’s better than NPS and more accurate than C-Sat."

Richard & Rocky, Uncrowd Founders.