Slicki - The Wiki For Slack

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Slicki is a wiki app for Slack. Create and maintain wiki pages linked to Slack channels.

If your team uses Slack for communication, Slicki is a convenient tool for any documentation needs.

Use it as an intranet, as a place to maintain product documentation, or as a place to store things you shouldn't forget. It's a great way to build documentation from a conversation and to easily store and retrieve information relevant to certain groups in an organization.

Unlike many other Slack-aware wikis, Slack integration in Slicki is not a simple afterthought that only lets you search through chat. Instead, Slicki allows you to leverage your existing conversational structures, your users, allows you access to create and modify pages directly from Slack, and to collaborate on documents in real time with other Slack users.

Build on your Slack structure
- Slack users who are already familiar with the contents and purposes of your team channels will be able to easily build out wikis in no time.
Interact directly from your Slack clients, desktop and mobile
- Slack commands to let you quickly access, create, edit and search pages.
Brilliantly simple rights management
- You can access Slicki pages associated with channels you have joined. Add Slicki pages to private channels to restrict access.
Keep channel members in the loop
- Optionally notify members of the associated channel of any changes you publish to a Slicki page.
Real-time collaborative editing
- Multiple users can edit the same pages, and watch changes happen in real time.
Streamline your wiki and Slack structure
- Navigate your wiki structure in a tree build on top of your #channel list, and build out from there.
Leverage Slack file storage
- Upload images directly to Slack file storage, and embed these into wiki pages.
Works across all devices
- Slicki makes information access and maintenance easy, whether you are on desktop or mobile.
Free to get started
- Try it out! You'll get 30 days full access to Slicki, free. After that, you pay only USD 20 per month, which includes access for 5 accounts.

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