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An Azure deployable Front-end framework for Challenger Banks.

BankingRight is a successful mobile banking front end framework that allows the fast creation of innovative banking or wealth management apps & websites. The product exists of frameworks for iOS and Android and a rich API back-end solution, extending the mobile solution to web implementation. Typical customers are new banking initiatives that need to build a high-performance compelling customer experience fast and kick start their operations.

The product allows for a fast time to market by making use of extensively tested components. These components are used and have proven themselves in numerous apps for different types of clients: retail bankers, private bankers, wealth managers, pension propositions and other.

An in-house development team continuously expands and maintains the BankingRight solution. They make sure it makes optimal use of the benefits of both the iOS and Android landscape

With the API you can quickly and safely create access to data for front-end applications. The API is focused to deliver data to mobile& web apps. It can also be used for different purposes, for example for web applications or third party PSD2 / Open Banking propositions.

The framework allows for easy integration with third party solutions, by embedding their SDKs. The solution comes with several standard integrations, for example for functionality such as device binding, identity document scanning, analytics and chat. The standardized interface can also be used to expand the solution with client specific features and technology.

The framework offers numerous UI components that can be easily customized and adjusted to create a unique customer experience. The components range from generic needs, such as a login screen using biometrics, to specific ones like showing transaction details. The product is continuously improved according to an extensive roadmap.