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Build digital work instructions, connect your workers, speed up training, reduce defects & gain data

VKS makes it easy for companies to throw out paper work instructions & transform into a digital factory.
Upload pictures, videos, add annotations to highlight key details, and never worry about outdated documentation again with built-in version control. 
The application is tablet-friendly, made easy and intuitive for all users, whether they are authoring engineers, operations managers, or shop floor operators.

  • Transfer tribal knowledge & standardize best practices to maintain consistency in production and train employees faster.
  • Reduce the time it takes to create work instructions in half by using standardized annotations and templates.
  • Improve efficiency & quality by limiting process hesitation via picture & video-based instructions.
  • Gain 100% traceability on your operations via forms and reporting, driven by the interaction of your employees with their VKS instruction.

The implementation of VKS is made to be easily scalable, depending on where you situate in your journey towards Industry 4.0.
This is why you can decide to start at either of those packages and upgrade when you're ready:

1. VKS Lite:
Standardize your process through interactive work instructions.
  • Version Control: Gain full visibility of all previous changes & avoid outdated documentation.
  • Certifications: Ensure that only operators with specific training have access to Guidebooks and work instructions.
  • Expert Mode: Empower your existing skilled workforce by only displaying the most crucial steps of the assembly.
  • Auto-Translation: Automatically translate your instructions into 27+ languages at the click of a button.
2. VKS Pro:
Access Intelligent data by adding smart forms, production reporting & KPIs.
  • Smart Forms: Collect measurements, serial numbers & all other key data.
  • Rule engine: Trigger events based on user actions
  • Live KPIs & Reporting: Track efficiency, job progress, work time, etc.
3. VKS Enterprise:
Complete your Industry 4.0 journey by integrating VKS with your other existing softwares & databases.
  • API Integration: Leverage Industry 4.0 by connecting to tools, machines & other software.
  • SSO Authentication: Enable single sign-on or AD/LDAP authentication.
  • Audit Log: Record all actions performed by users.

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