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Software designed to gain insights about needs and match with ideas.

We have removed the barriers for organisations to understand their challenges and needs with engagement and contribution from their employees.
We have removed the barriers for the employees to engage, contribute and be a part of problem solving and new ideas.
This is Wide Ideas.

Wide Ideas today supports and is used among various customers for

· Innovation Jams: internal, external or in combination

· Open Innovation: reach out from organisations or as a platform in cluster and alliances

· Idea Management: supporting the process for a whole organisation or for a business unit, country or department.

· Customer Insights: connect all your Front Line workers or Field workers

· Unmet needs or need inventory: ask all employees, parts of employees or your users

Please use the Free Trial to explore our product. We are happy to give out credentials to try out Wide Ideas within Microsoft Teams. Just email us on and we will sort that out. ​

With Wide Ideas you have great flexibility in how you communicate and crowdsource ideas using the same license agreement:

Web Application
Our user-friendly and intuitive software enables users to contribute ideas to business challenges quickly and easily. Powered by a unique AI system, Wide Ideas can identify the best ideas – whilst its clever Decision Analysis Tool helps leaders accelerate the ‘idea to solution’ process.

Digital Workplace
We have the capability to directly embed business challenges into your digital workplace, allowing your employees to share ideas through the tools they know and use every day.

Microsoft Teams
Our full integration with Microsoft Teams (not just a link) allows users to share, engage, like and comment on ideas directly through Microsoft Teams.

Technical Data

· Built on Microsoft 365 (Azure AD)

· True Multi-Tennant SaaS application

· SSO Enabled

· Integrated with Microsoft Graph API

Wide Ideas has the rare status of being both a SILVER Partner and a CO-SELL Partner with Microsoft.

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