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Accelerate Product Innovation with Consumer Insights powered by Semantic Data Hub (SDH)

About this solution offer:

Wipro's Accelerate Product Innovation with Consumer Insights powered by Semantic Data Hub (SDH) is an insights-as-a-service solution to unleash the power of structured & unstructured data through intelligent linking across the enterprise, solving complex business problems. Consumer product & goods and Retailers owns many product lines and launch new products, understanding customer needs and getting quick feedback from customers is the core of their business, and is crucial to the success the products.

Consumer product & goods and Retail business requires customer feedback across its products listed on e-commerce channels to identify product pulse of customers and provide ability to analyze the insights by demography, product categories, brands and products.

Key Features:

  • Automate data capture from various sources such as e-commerce product reviews, social media review contact centre interactions and product survey feedback.
  • Leverage NLP to identify complex interlinks between products, sentiments, topics and sources in the form of knowledge graphs
  • View attribute performance and associated sentiments for new-product design
  • Improve content marketing and SEO effectiveness by identifying top consumer keywords

Business Benefits:

  • Product Innovation: Improve product design and drive customer satisfaction using sentiment and affinity intelligence using customer review data
  • Campaign Planning: Helps marketing managers drive campaign ROI through effective targeting and content marketing
  • Product Launch: Strategize the new product launch with shopper-interweaved perceptions and maximize market share

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