Wipro Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Wealth Management

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Wipro's Predictive market solution for insights digital tools for financial advisors

The world of wealth management is still driven by manual processes. As per Business insider reports 77% of US and Canada based financial advisors reported losing business because they didn’t have the appropriate tools to interact with clients and three-fourths of global wealth managers see digital as priority. Accordingly wealth management firms are continually looking for a more intuitive technology driven experience. One of the problem is that the Wealth managers have to handle large volume of clients and currently there is demand of cognitive solution that will help them and increase the customer experience and trust.

Wealth Management AI use cases and its Value proposition:
  • The Digital Advisor Bot Assistant will address the lack of predictive market insights/intelligence digital tools within financial advisors workstation which takes place during investment advice to build differentiated portfolios benchmarking market returns. Thus, it will help financial advisors- customer conversations driving Assets Under Management (AUM) growth
  • The bot assistant will help Financial Advisors to improve their advisory journey during investment advice with predictive Environmental, Social and governance (ESG) product intelligence defining yield impact & returns for successful transaction advice.
  • The bot assistant has a capability to address lack of product intelligence/ insights for improved client portfolio advice decisions
  • It also has a web user interface for predicting customer defections. It also has capability to enable proactive remediation of customer pain points driving personalized client experience.

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