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Wizata S.A.

The Wizata platform allows to digitize your production processes and to build your own AI solutions

With its Digital Twin, Data Explorer and AI solutions builder functionalities, the Wizata Platform empowers manufacturing industry to drive its digital transformation and AI project from proof of concept till real time production recommendations. This open platform (PAAS) acts as an orchestrator of your different assets (machines, sensors, AI, cloud,..) and ensures your data stay under your sole control. By offering a global perspective (from Headquarters to plants, to production lines, to machines, to sensors, to data captured), the platform empowers manufacturers to tackle the most complex production challenges and to consider the production line as a whole, within its inter-connected environment, and within its time and space constraints. Quality sustainability, predictive maintenance, yield optimization,.. whatever your challenge is, Wizata goes from predictive to prescriptive analytics : from the multitude of possible outcomes that are simulated, the best course of actions is identified to achieve the objectives, generating recommendations to achieve the best results in a ROI driven way. Considering the essential roles of Engineers, R&D department, CFO, plant managers, etc; the platform has been built to empower collaboration between teams and make sure the intelligence existing behind every single process, enhanced by human expertise and capacity is kept and developed for exponential production improvement. Discover the platform and its functionalities : - Business pains collector & analyzer - Process digital twin designer - Data Explorer - AI solution builder - Predictive and prescriptive AI assistant - Solutions replicator & adaptor - ROI analyzer