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X0PA AI Recruiter for Dynamics 365 Talent


Add Artificial Intelligence insights to your talent acquisition with X0PA AI for Dynamics Talent.

X0PA AI is an intelligent SAAS hiring platform for corporate and enterprise level organizations needing to resource business growth or reduce the impact of lost employees. X0PA uses Artificial Intelligence to source, score and rank talent to identify the best fitting candidate for each organization's need. Using our our patented and predictive algorithms- our algorithms will score every application received to your job on CV relevance, loyalty and performance metrics. A brief overview about our metrics: CV Relevance score signifies how close the candidate's resume matches with job description. Loyalty score signifies the probability of a candidate to be working at the same position for the next one year without intention to change. Performance metric signifies the probability for the candidate to deserve an earlier than average promotion. Customers of Dynamics 365 for Talent can now experience X0PA's predictive analytics capabilities and enhance their hiring efficiency through this integration.