YodiFEM - Sustainable Facility Management

de Yodiwo

Smart facility management with a focus on energy optimisation, operational efficiency and well-being

YodiFEM is a constantly expanding all-in-one platform that follows the trends of modern facility and energy management. It incorporates modules that can be used as standalone applications or in combinations for the greatest possible performance of organizations’ infrastructure.

It offers:

  • An “A-to-Z” solution, managing everything from devices to business intelligence
  • Analytics that help business owners realize the energy handicaps of their organization and take the best possible corrective actions.
  • Multi-dimensional workspace monitoring and rule-based alerting for out-of-comfort conditions.
  • Machine Learning models that detect anomalies in combinations of data patterns
  • Continuously updated auditable reports tailored to corporate processes and targets​​Streamlining of running sustainability ISO management systems such as 50001 and 14001​
  • A base for implementing the digital twin of buildings with the use of advanced 3D representations, forecasting models, location and category-based asset management.

Examples of YodiFEM modules::

  1. Sense: It analyzes any type of building data to deliver KPIs related to energy and environmental metrics, provides combinatorial analytics, and offers a rich set of tools for customizing reports, alerts, dashboards, and automation.
  2. Energy: intelligent energy consumption monitoring and management using AI and Machine Learning
  3. Desk: a multi-purpose employees companion for processes such as office desk and area booking, recently expanded to include the declaration of the start and end of working time.
  4. Safe: monitoring CO2 levels, noise, and ambiance to create safer, healthier, and productivity-enabling workspace conditions
  5. Task: digitized task & incident management with higher efficiency and lower costs, tailored to the FM industry
  6. Outdoor: parking, waste management, outdoor lighting, etc.

DETECT - 24/7 monitoring of indoor and outdoor conditions collecting data and detecting anomalies wherever they occur.

RESOLVE - Dynamic notifications on underperforming systems, suggesting changes, optimizing settings, and scheduling corrective actions.

PREDICT - AI-based predictive maintenance, foreseeing operational costs and expenditures to help organizations remain on top of the game!

It integrates easily with existing Building Management Systems (BMS) and the company’s digital platforms (e.g. Enterprise Asset Management and ERP systems), offering unlimited opportunities for improving business efficiency with IoT and AI.

Market verified achievements:

The combination of real-time monitoring, anomaly detection in real-time, advanced data analysis, and audit support has helped organizations achieve:

  • energy consumption reduction that exceeds 20% in certain cases
  • annual cost reduction: €60 per m2
  • 25% CO2 emissions reduction
  • 40% less maintenance overhead
  • 45% higher employee satisfaction with a significant productivity increase

Beyond automation and big data management, Yodiwo offers complete systems able to track and assess complex ESG KPIs for buildings that are dynamically adaptable to their occupants’ overlapping and rapidly changing needs.

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