Zammo AI SaaS

Zammo, Inc.

Zammo allows you to communicate and transact with the public on Google, Alexa, IVR and Chatbots.

Zammo’s user-friendly platform gets your business on voice platforms, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and allows you to easily extend your content to Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and telephone-based voice bots, as well as chatbots across many popular channels - from web and mobile to SMS, Facebook Messenger, and Microsoft Teams.  

Zammo is a 100% Azure-based SaaS platform enabling businesses of any size to easily create a branded multi-channel conversational AI presence. With Zammo, organizations across all industries can provide the public, consumers, and employees with current, accurate information - quickly and efficiently. Your team can focus on the content while Zammo handles everything else.

Conversational AI is the next big thing in technology. Both enterprise and SMBs encounter the same problems in establishing a conversational AI presence: it is too expensive and requires extensive technical resources. Any business – regardless of size and resources – can build and deploy information using conversational AI tools without any coding experience or technical expertise.


  • Quickly Deploy Service and Product Information 
  • Automatically Convert Existing Website Content into Voice/Chatbot/IVR Content 
  • Voice Domain Name Registration
  • Multi-Lingual Feature
  • Manage Content for All Channels in One Location
  • Valuable, Cross-Platform Analytics Dashboard
  • Deep Transactional Capabilities - Connect to APIs and Backend Systems
  • Security
  • Increase Accessibility
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