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ZConverter Cloud Migration SaaS


Any-to-any Cloud Migration SaaS

We help engineers of Enterprises, SIs or VARs make the cloud migration simple and easy between heterogeneous cloud platforms and/or dissimilar hypervisors and/or dissimilar disk formats.


ZConverter Powerful Features

  • Cloud Migration Capability between heterogeneous cloud platforms
  • Cloud Migration Capability between dissimilar hypervisors
  • Cloud Migration Capability between dissimilar disk formats


The benefits to our users

  • Save up to 10 x the cost and time of traditional manual migration


Cloud Platforms we support

  • Azure, AWS, GCP, OpenStack, CloudStack, IBM Cloud, VMware and Oracle Cloud


Hypervisors we support

  • Hyper-V, VMware, KVM, Xen


Disk Formats we support

  • QCow2, VHD(x), VMDK, AMI, RAW