Dynamics 365 for Education: 1-Hr Briefing

Acumor Solutions, LLC

Free setup, demo, training and migration for Dynamics 365 for Education. True.org Cloud provides an implementation of Dynamics 365 as a fully customizable software for education institutions.

True.org Cloud provides an implementation of Dynamics 365 as a fully customizable software for education institutions. We bring 16+ years of technology industry experience to the process. We can help you to address the core aspects of the experiences which stakeholders – staff, students, providers, have with your organization. Manage the student journey from enrolment through to graduation with complete insight into student’s various needs and learning outcomes. Launch your own system with True.org to accelerate the performance of your institution.

One of five industry accelerators currently available, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Higher Education Accelerator provides a new higher education data model. The Higher Education Accelerator is open source and available on GitHub.

We ensure secure, real-time access to important academic and financial information for your team through self-service solutions of Dynamics 365. Our program suits your organization’s specific needs and has been designed to identify your ideal path for integrating Dynamics 365. The software helps you develop marketing and budgetary plans for your institution. Run on the path of digital transformation with True.org Cloud’s Dynamics 365 for Education implementation.

Deliverables: • Meeting with the leadership to understand and define key business processes and system requirements • Discussion about the migration path and outcome expectations • Preparation of an outlined schedule based on your business’ needs for a solution • Complete configuration and implementation/migration • Standard customization and defined user roles • Live online training session (3 hours): • Post-implementation support

Note: 1. A minimum of 3 Dynamics 365 licenses purchase required through us. 2. Additional online support included too at just $65/hour if you wish to extend! It is a great way to learn extra functionality and tips.