Customer Insights for Media: 5-Wk Implementation

AKA, an HSO Company

4-5 Week Customer Insights Engagement for Media Companies

Our 4-5 week engagement offering is geared to use our experience in the media industry to help your organization in the implementation of a true Customer Data Platform (CDP) strategy. This will result in the consolidation, in a relatively short period of time, of the most critical data sources for your organization's customer information.

Our offering: - Discovery workshop session to review up to 3 of your main data sources (Campaign management solution, Financial solution, and third-party data aggregator) and identify the KPIs and metrics that are critical for your business and the data elements needed to generate them - Configuration of Sandbox and Production environments - Creation of data storage entities and upload procedures - Configuration of customer profiles and measures using the data sources and data elements identified during the Discovery workshop sessions - Configuration of Power BI dashboard with up to 3 different views that will provide visual and detailed access to the Metrics and KPIs defined during the Discovery workshops - One User Admin training session and one End-user training session

Resources and pricing: - The engagement will include a Customer Insights Architect and a Media practice specialist. - Estimated cost is based on negotiated statement of work.

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