Customer Insights for Media: 1-Day Assessment


1.5 Day Quick Start Customer Insights Engagement for Media Companies

Our 1.5 days Quick Start engagement is looking to introduce you and your organization to the concept of implementing a Customer Data Platform (CDP) strategy. We will get together to understand and discover the basic elements you need to know about your clients, and where all your customer data is today. Then we will work together on a Customer Insights prototype dashboard with some of your data, so you can see the true potential of this tool and how easy is to implement it. The goal is to help your company to take those initial key steps for a customer data-driven strategy in your organization.

Our offering: A quick Customer Insights prototype dashboard on a sandbox environment, using a sample of your data for up to 2 sources.

This will include: • Sample data uploaded from up to 2 sources using Excel-based data sources • Configuration of a common customer profile and a few measures using the data sources provided, as well as some of the data elements identified during the discovery workshop session. • A walkthrough of the Customer Insights dashboard created

Resources and Pricing The engagement will include a Customer Insights Architect and a Media practice specialist. Price: US $5,000.00.

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