Sales Base: 1-Day Implementation

Bond Consulting Services

*Our Base Implementation package is perfect for organizations that are interested in handling the implementation on their own and have previous experience configuring CRM systems in the Cloud.*

We will guide the client to create a proper foundation of Dynamics 365 for Sales as follows: ### Deliverables * Activate and provision Dynamics 365 for Sales environment * License, configure, and assign security rights (first 5 users) for Dynamics 365 users * Configuration of Insights by Inside View, if applicable * Configure Exchange Online integration in Dynamics 365 using Microsoft Dynamics App for Outlook loaded by customer, if applicable (one email account per user) * Configure SharePoint Online integration with Account Entity in Dynamics 365, if applicable **Assumptions** * Exchange Online or Exchange Server required for Outlook integration * BCS must be the digital partner of record and the Cloud Solution Provider with Microsoft for licensing * Up to 5 users (additional scope required for more users) * This offer does not include system analysis, fit/gap process, system modifications or integrations but are available if requested for additional fees. * Dynamics 365 for Sales licensing required
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