Multi-Entity Management GP to BC: 10Day Implement.

Binary Stream Software Inc.

Take the fast track with a worry-free migration to Dynamics 365 Business Central while maintaining your Multi-Entity Management functionality

Migrate from Multi-Entity Management (MEM) for Dynamics GP to MEM for Dynamics 365 Business Central with Binary Stream's scalable framework for project delivery and reduce potential risks as you navigate your journey from discovery to go-live. We continually refine our processes and work closely with you to meet expectations unique to your implementation. 

This service covers migrating your existing MEM data from Dynamics GP into Dynamics 365 Business Central and includes the following standard deliverables:

▪ Project plan and scope ▪ Trial migration ▪ MEM pre-requisite validation and checks ▪ Migration utility configuration and object mapping ▪ MEM post-migration validation checks ▪ MEM for Dynamics 365 Business Central training ▪ Testing support ▪ Advisory services for process improvements including configuration, and adoption of new processes ▪ Live migration ▪ Go-live support

This does not include the project accounting, US and Canadian payroll, and fixed assets modules. The 24-hour project scope and expected costs are based on a standard single-tenant and single-company project and a Dynamics GP database smaller than 80 GB. Any further requirements would affect this estimate.

With Multi-Entity Management, you can gain better insights and remain up-to-date on your performance with real-time flexible reports across all your organizations or business units, streamline intercompany transactions within a single instance, meet your company’s security needs, and facilitate your future growth.

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