Capgemini Microsoft Digital Customer Experience (CX): 4 Wk Assessment

Capgemini Group

Transform customer experiences across the lifecycle of sales, service, marketing and commerce through truly immersive experiences and the power of data for personalized and real time experiences.

Winning in the age of the consumer means competing on experiences and rethinking how to engage with the right customers across channels, organize teams, invest in technology, and measure activity and results. The ability to continuously evolve and reinvent brand and purpose presents huge opportunities. However, the challenges for organizations are substantial as customer expectations are ever increasing, customers are evermore distracted, and determine how and when they engage. At the same time organizations struggle with silos of data, channel overload, a lack of integrated systems and security/compliance requirements. That’s where Capgemini and Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help your organisation with Microsoft Digital Customer Experience of the Future.


  • Boosting customer loyalty and advocacy
  • Growing share of customer wallet
  • A platform for innovation and business agility
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Secure and compliant solution


  • Value based roadmap aligned to your industry
  • Intelligent customer experience platform
  • DevOps approach to support innovation and continuous improvement

The price is estimated and is dependent on the scope of work and other parameters mentioned above and varies based on the requirement.

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