Sales in a Box: 3-Wk Implementation

C Centric Solutions Pvt Ltd

*Turbo-charge your sales with a best-in-class Sales Solution with the quickest and most comprehensive implementation.*

”Sales in a Box”, our implementation process, gets you up and running in a matter of 3 weeks, while ensuring that your unique sales processes are not compromised. ### Implementation process **Week 1** * Setup—we set up the system and perform administrative functions. Configure our best-practices templates and get it ready for demo. * Walk-through—we perform a detailed demo of the application (customer management concepts, lead and opportunity, collaborative features, reporting, dashboards etc.) * Understanding of business requirement—simultaneously, our team will gather information about your sales hierarchy, access rights, sales processes etc. and document them. **Week 2** * Configuration—we configure the application based on requirements captured. * Data import and set-up—we set up the system with your own data, sales roles and hierarchy. * Demonstration—we demonstrate the configured solution and capture feedback. * Fine-tuning—modification of the application based on feedback. We go through a couple of iterations until we are happy with the final solution. **Week 3** * Go-live * Support—help resolve user issues and drive user adoption ### Deliverables **Week 1** * System set-up * Application walk-through * Discussion and capture of specific configuration requirements. Documentation of gaps and out-of-scope items. **Week 2** * Configuration as per requirement * Data import * Demonstration and fine-tuning **Week 3** * Production enablement * Post production support
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