COE for Power Platform - 1 week workshop

Celebal Technologies Private Limited

Empower Innovation with a Transformative Power Apps Center of Excellence (CoE) Consulting Service

Celebal Technologies proudly presents the Power Apps Center of Excellence (CoE) consulting service, offering a holistic approach to harnessing the full potential of the Microsoft Power Platform. Our CoE experts excel in program management and leadership, overseeing the entire program, managing inter-dependencies, and driving a strategic vision. We provide comprehensive platform enablement, offering expert administration, tooling, and guidance to ensure your team maximizes the Power Platform's capabilities. With a focus on governance and operations, we define robust controls for long-term support, ensuring the sustained success of your Power Platform initiatives. Our Adoption and Change Management (ACM) expertise supports community building, awareness, and customized training to facilitate seamless transitions. Additionally, our Citizen and Developer Enablement services empower development teams across business units with testing capabilities and expertise.

Join hands with Celebal for a transformative Power Apps CoE experience, driving innovation and efficiency in your organization.

Key Benefits:
-Standardizes the people, process, and technology architecture for transformation.
-Promotes reuse of solution components.
-Accelerates the release cycle & and transformation at a faster rate.
-Results in enhanced productivity, efficiency, and quality of applications.
-Maximizing ROI through increased user adoption

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