Design Thinking with Power Apps - 1 week workshop

Celebal Technologies Private Limited

Revolutionize Your Digital Landscape & Supercharge Employee Experience with Design Thinking Workshop

Celebal Technologies introduces a cutting-edge "Design Thinking Workshop with Power Apps" consulting service to transform your digital landscape and elevate employee experiences. Our Design Thinking Workshop is tailored for Power Apps development, focusing on empathy, defining core issues, ideation, and prototyping. We conduct thorough research to understand pain points and challenges, perform root cause analysis, and identify gaps in existing digital processes. Leveraging Power Automate, Power Apps, and Azure services, we ideate cohesive solutions that break down data and people silos. Through relentless iteration and feedback, we craft prototypes using tools like Power Apps, Pages, PVA, Teams, and SharePoint.

Celebal Tech ensures an amplified user experience with personalized content, AI-powered insights, and seamless integration with Microsoft 365 tools. Our unique Design Thinking approach for Super Apps development extends the process to foster cultural alignment, streamline workflows, and integrate with ERP solutions, ensuring a cohesive and powerful digital transformation journey.

Unique Design Thinking Crafted for Power Apps Development

-Conduct research. -Seeking to understand. -Understanding pain points.
-Challenges with legacy applications.

Define -Root-cause analysis of paint points & challenges. -Identify & articulate gaps in the current digital process.

Ideate -How to leverage existing investment in Office 365 to build more cohesive solutions. -Use Power Automate & Power Apps to build apps to break silos of data & people. -Use Power Pages to build apps & and portals for external users like suppliers, vendors, and customers. -Use AI Builder and Azure Cognitive Services to build intelligent apps. -Build Teams Bot using PVA or Azure and augment Power Apps with a cohesive communication layer.

Prototype -Build mock-ups envisioning tools from the Power Apps/Pages/PVA, Teams, SharePoint, & other tools. -Constantly seek feedback. -Relentless iteration to incorporate feedback.

Key Benefits:
-One place to connect with news, conversations, and resources from across the organization. -Personalized experience that delivers relevant content, information, and resources, powered by AI and Microsoft Graph. -Tailor the experience to targeted employee groups and roles. -Create custom components that enrich the experience with powerful frameworks. -Brand the experience with name, icon, colors, and logos reflecting your organization's identity. -Leverage your investments in SharePoint, Yammer, Teams, Stream, and Microsoft 365 security, compliance, and identity.

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