CGI GetMyTeam - 1 month implementation

CGI Inc.

All-In-One solution for establishing and managing MS Teams governance. Based on Power Platform and Logic Apps. Customizable and expandable via addons. Centralized template based Team requests.

When users are given the ability to create their own teams, the result could be uncontrolled growth and orphaned teams. If users are not sufficiently informed about how to set the appropriate permissions, this can also lead to security risks. That's the reason for introducing an application process based on predefined templates in CGI GetMyTeam. Users simply select whether it should be a team for an organizational unit, a project or an external group and all settings are automatically set correctly and then submitted to an admin for approval within the app.

The same concept applies to required SharePoint pages.The required templates can be defined within the admin interface down to the smallest detail according to the technical requirements of the team type. Key features of the template functions are:

  • Naming convention (e.g. DEP- or PROJ-)
  • External user management
  • Amount of necessary owners / members
  • Approver Management
  • Template visibility
  • Template management
  • Resubmission / deletion of teams
  • Tab-Management
  • Member and guest user management

Cost shown is only a placeholder. Real Cost will be based on the amount of licencsed Office / M365 User and will be negotiated with the client directly.

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