Workplace Analytics Viva Insights: 2-hour Briefing

Cloud Solutions Partners

Learn about Microsoft Viva Insights and how you can use it to improve employee well-being in your organization.

Microsoft Viva Insights provides personalized and actionable insights to employees, managers, and leaders, allowing everyone to feel more connected and engaged with their work, resulting in higher productivity and better work relationships.

Nowadays, companies rely on technology to provide the ideal remote environment – so you must ensure that your organization provides the tools employees require for their work to continue to have a profound impact and a positive employee experience.

Briefing objectives:

• recognize the platform's advantages and how your company can facilitate more productive conversations

• obtain tailored recommendations for your company so that your employees can collaborate efficiently and productively

• Learn how to provide personalized experiences for your employees that never gets them bored - news, tasks, and conversations so that they can deliver their best work

Following this briefing, you will understand how to get started and apply Viva Insights in your organization.

This briefing session, which is free of charge, will be used to agree on the exact duration, price, and scope of the Project, and is subject to custom terms and conditions.

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