Advanced Power BI Implementation: 3-Day Workshop

Clouds On Mars

An advanced Microsoft Power BI course going in-depth into DAX, R usage, data sources and connectors, gateways, governance, and security topics.

The three-day workshop is aimed at analysts, business intelligence professionals, and specialists who want to produce, manage, and maintain Power BI reports for a larger set of users.

This training addresses advanced business and technical problems typical when using Power BI at scale.

It is held onsite at the client’s facility and may be tailored and focused to meet the client’s specific problems.

After the workshop you will have a deeper understanding of how the advanced functions of Power BI can help you in solving real business problems.


With this workshop you will learn to:

  • Use DAX to solve sophisticated metric problems
  • Use advanced visuals, leveraging R language for statistics
  • Perform advanced transformations on source data
  • Set-up, configure, and use personal and enterprise data gateways
  • Govern Power BI use for large sets of users
  • Implement proper Power BI security features, including row level security

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