Whistleblower procedure 5-days implementation

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We will help you to adapt parts of your whistleblowing procedure at your organization with the help of Power Platform. Make use of the tools you already have in your toolkit!

The solution will be based on Dataverse, Power Apps (model-driven app) and Dynamics 365 Customer Voice. We at CRMK guide you - you need to invest your time and involve your organization.

Someone sends in a report anonymously via a Customer Voice survey, it will end up in Dataverse and there will be a model-driven app for back-end management of the incoming reports so that someone can manage and act on what is reported.

Categorize reports, manage and act on them. Categorization can be adjusted to your needs. Examples of other information you could manage are what department the report came from, and priority. The solution can be created so that the person reporting can choose to send in anonymously or not. In the model-driven app someone can investigate around what has been reported and take necessary actions. For managing a speak up procedure, incidents can be added manually in the model-driven app by a person who is responsible for these tasks.

Due to sensitive information we recommend that only a few people have access to the app. The different roles that are intended to use the model-driven app are one role for administering the app (e.g. add new categorizations) and another role for using the app (manage and act on sent in reports).

Price is based on scope of work. The survey can be embedded on your webpage, that effort is not included in this offer though.


  • Survey created specifically for your organization
  • Model-driven app to manage reports

What you will get

  • Possibility to manage reports about what is going on in the business
  • Manage both the written and speak up procedure
  • Support in establishing a department for escalation and planning for actions required

Possible extensions

  • Embed the reporting part on your webpage and let anyone report from there
  • Delete old reports automatically
  • Automation for escalation
  • Manage existing policies and guidelines with the help of Power Platform

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