Migration to Dynamics 365: 4-Hr Assessment

Covenant Technology Partners

*Easily migrate your CRM on-premises data to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.*

**Upgrade Your Business** We will spend up to four hours with your team and provide you with a scope, schedule, and budget for your upgrade to Dynamics 365 CRM online. ### Agenda * Meet with the leadership to understand and define key business processes and system requirements * Discuss the migration path, outcome expectations, and roles * Prepare an outlined schedule and budget based on your businesses needs to upgrade to Dynamics 365 CRM online ### Deliverable Provide a full scope, schedule and budget for your business to migrate your outdated systems to Dynamics 365 CRM online. Dealing with outdated systems, no support, or losing your competitive advantage? Don’t let technology incompatibilities, lack of mobility, or usability hold you back. As Dynamics 365 experts, Covenant Technology Partners keeps your sales processes up-to-date to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced digital marketplace. Upgrade from any on-premises solution to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement with this time and cost-saving solution.
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