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Power BI Custom Visual: 2-Wk Implementation


DataScenarios will create a Microsoft Power BI Custom Visual based on your specifications.

Power BI Custom Visuals can really make a difference within a report and your organization. But do you have the capacity or knowledge within your organization to achieve this? DataScenarios can help you by developing a custom visual.


Start - Day 1

  • Specification and scoping the custom visual and prototyping of the visual

Week 1 - Implementation

  • Iterative developing and gathering feedback

Last day - Week 2

  • Delivering the final visual and introduction on how to use it within Power BI reports and dashboards

After the visual has been delivered there will be a post go-live support moment. Additional requests will be charged at a pre-agreed rate*.


DataScenarios will create a Power BI Custom Visual and publish it in the internal company store which can be used free of charge. Support is optional.

Customer Requirements

To achieve a successful implementation, there will be dedicated time needed from your company to provide feedback.

*The stated price is an estimate and based on a 'generic' visual. It can change based on the requirements/specifications discussed on the first day and this will be a go/no-go moment.