e-office Welcome & Goodbye Power Apps Consulting 1 wk implementation


Help HR coordinate all tasks to prepare for the first & last day at work of your colleagues.

Everything neatly prepared before the first or the last day of a colleague

The Welcome & Goodbye Power Apps app helps a company to have everything prepared, before a new colleague arrives or when a colleague leaves the company. This app enables the HR department to have control over the required tasks and keeps an overview of the status of the tasks.

Target Audience

HR professionals who want everything neatly arranged in the staff turnover process and want to save time by using templates and automation. This application tracks and ensures that all action items involved in the process are completed by the stakeholders. When a colleague completes a task, he or she can submit the necessary input (related to the task) in the app.


e-office helps you to implement the Power App. In the offering, the Configuring, Testing, handover to the HR- and IT-department and a 1 hour basic training for users is included.

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