Epiq eDiscovery Solution with Microsoft Purview

Epiq Global

Streamline the entire discovery process within your environment, enabling efficient data retrieval and analysis while ensuring compliance with legal requirements with Microsoft Purview.

Our solution enables organizations to seamlessly manage legal holds and eDiscovery in the cloud, specifically leveraging Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Purview. By automating in-place preservation and providing advisory services across the Microsoft Purview eDiscovery portfolio, we empower customers to implement best practices and ensure compliance with legal requirements. This not only mitigates risks but also streamlines the entire data management process, providing greater efficiency, accuracy, and peace of mind for our valued clients.

• Legal Hold Preservation Assessment which identifies discrepancies between Microsoft Purview allowed holds and the system of record, mitigating risks of data retention failures and unintended data deletions. • Purview Legal hold automation to eliminate manual efforts, saving time, improving accuracy, and enabling easy quality control. • Comprehensive advisory on the Microsoft Purview eDiscovery portfolio, including pre-made workflows, runbooks, best practice training, and seamless integration with proprietary tools for efficient downstream workflows. • Epiq Chat Connector (link to this offer in the Marketplace)

Epiq is the industry's leading provider of advisory and technical expertise in legal hold automation. Our close collaboration with Microsoft on the first client allowed us to build pioneering code, setting us apart in the field.

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