Office 365 FAQ Application

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Enhance Your Productivity with the Office 365 Frequently Asked Questions Application on Power Platform!

We at Este Bilişim are proud to introduce our Office 365 Frequently Asked Questions Application developed on Power Platform. This application provides quick answers to commonly asked questions on platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Planner, OneNote, OneDrive, and Forms. The content of the application can be fully customized to meet the unique needs of each organization, with expandable columns and rows.

Teams FAQ: Users can find answers to questions like "How do I start a chat?", "What functions are available within a chat?", and "How do I create a chat group?". They can also access detailed information about team and channel management, file sharing, and meeting organization.

Planner FAQ: Learn about Planner's features with questions like "What is Planner?", "How do I activate Planner?", and "How are tasks created and managed?" to better manage your projects.

OneNote FAQ: Discover answers to "What is OneNote?", "What features does OneNote offer?", and "What is OneNote Web Clipper?". Enhance your note-taking and information management processes.

OneDrive FAQ: Efficiently use OneDrive with answers to "What is OneDrive?", "How can I access deleted files in OneDrive?", and "How does file sharing and collaboration work?".

Forms FAQ: Manage your surveys and forms effectively with questions such as "What is Forms?", "How do I create a new form?", and "How are survey reports viewed?".

Our application stores information and updates in SharePoint Lists for easy management by users. Video content is hosted on cost-effective Azure Blob Storage, with a very low cost of approximately 25-30 dollars per month.

We aim to enhance the end-user experience with FAQ configurations within Teams, Planner, OneNote, OneDrive, and Forms. Questions can be tailored to the needs of the end-user, ensuring quick access to the most relevant information for each user.

Explore our application on the AppSource marketplace and start transforming your business processes today!

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