HCL Biz Apps - Project Operations - 1hr Briefing

HCL Technologies Limited.

Dynamics 365 Project Operations allows you to connect your project-centric business in a single application, to gain richer visibility, deeper collaboration, and agility across your organization.

Managing a project from A to Z involves more detail than a spreadsheet can handle. When you add an increased level of remote work and online team collaboration, it’s easy to lose track of the time, cost, and resources spent on any given task. Dynamics 365 Project Operations delivers the very best in project management, resource scheduling, and collaboration. It offers users real-time analytics, seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, and hyper automation with the Power Platform.

Why Project Operations?

  • Accelerated project delivery
  • Enhanced teamwork capabilities – including document sharing and more – through Microsoft Teams integration
  • Configurable resource management to ensure the right people are working on the right projects at the right time
  • Project management tools that connect teams
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Connected Sales Team
  • Quote Management
  • Project Dashboards
  • Forecasting and Pipeline Visibility
  • Configurable Resource Management
  • Flexible Pricing Models
  • Streamlined processes that improve quality of work
  • Simplified operations for routine tasks like costing, budgeting, and revenue recognition
  • Project accounting shows visibility into project specific KPIs, including practice utilization, profit, and more
  • Maximized profitability

HCL has a vast amount of experience with Project Operations so could help you get ahead and start your journey.

HCL Biz Apps have created their own IP: Fee Management Dashboard and Power App which is designed to;

  • Allow PMs to manage project fees on the fly outside of project operations
  • Save time with bulk update, creation and fee splits
  • Real-time update to Project Operations using Dataverse
  • Utilise Power BI for fee analytics

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