Modern Workplace Assessment

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Microsoft Modern workplace Assessment/ customization

A Modern Workplace Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of an organization's current technology infrastructure and workforce productivity tools, with the aim of identifying areas for improvement and making recommendations for implementing modern workplace solutions.

Our assessment typically includes an analysis of the organization's current IT systems and infrastructure, as well as an evaluation of the productivity tools and collaboration technologies used by employees. The assessment may also include a review of the organization's security and compliance practices. The goal of a Modern Workplace Assessment is to help you identify opportunities for modernizing your technology infrastructure and tools to improve productivity, collaboration, and employee engagement. Based on the results of the assessment, you can develop a roadmap for implementing modern workplace solutions such as cloud-based productivity tools, remote work capabilities, and enhanced security and compliance measures.

Hitachi Systems also offers a Modern Workplace Assessment as part of their Microsoft 365 offerings, which can help organizations evaluate their current technology infrastructure and identify opportunities for improvement. The purpose of this assessment is to enable a productive workforce and ensure secure and modern work styles with the use of Microsoft 365 services.

Key Deliverables:

• Discovery • Assessment of the current working environment • High-level roadmap to embrace the modern work style • Advisory on adoption and change management • Envision: Identify and prioritize scenarios while learning about available resources as you plan for rollout. • Advisory reporting • Review and next steps

Assessment Outcomes:

• Summary of the existing working environment • A closer look at the benefits of Microsoft 365 services for modern workstyle • The onboarding plan aims to ensure an easy and secure transition to modern work styles • We work with your key stakeholders to build and launch your adoption plan • We prepare your environment and test your adoption approach with Early Adopters • Full-scale deployment and business success depend on usage and satisfaction.

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