Fabric Copilot: 1-day workshop

iLink Systems, Inc.

1-day Workshop: Prepare Your Data to Get the Most of Copilots and AI in Microsoft Fabric

Workshop Overview: AI has many features in Power BI, and these features have been for some time. The features include visuals (Q&A, Decomposition Tree, Key Influencers, and Smart Narratives.)

Did you Know? Using DAX code with Smart Narratives can make your report titles become dynamic based on selected items.

AI insights is another area that gets missed by many end users. There are “Insights reports”, visuals, and you can even see why 1 column is different from another column. Add Azure Cognitive Machine learning and we can add Sentiment Analysis, Key Phrase Extraction, Image Tagging, and even Language Detection.

If all this wasn’t enough, Copilot is now here. Copilot for Power BI in Microsoft Fabric is a stunning new feature that leverages generative AI to automatically create report pages, summaries, narrative visuals, and generate synonyms for Q&A. To get the best quality output with Copilot, it’s essential to ensure that your semantic model follows the guidelines and best practices of modeling.

In this workshop, we will help you take one of your reports and review the AI features that are applicable to you.

Workshop Objectives:

• Discover how to utilize the out-of-the-box AI visuals for Power BI

• Understand Azure Cognitive Machine Functionality

• Review the foundations of Copilot

• Learn how to update semantic models for optimal use with Copilot. Learn about defining clear relationships, standardized calculation logic, naming conventions, and more

Target Audience: This workshop is designed for data modelers and report designers, who want to help their report consumers have data that provide answers to the questions of “What has happened?” and “What is happing right now?” We can even get some insight as to “What will happen?” BUT what if you want to know “Why something happened? Or “How can we alter what will happen?” With these AI tools, we can start the journey of getting our “Why” and “How” questions answered.

Duration: 1 day/ 8 hours


In-person: USD 5000

Virtual : USD 4000

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