Remote Planning Engagement - 4 Week Assessment

Innovia Consulting, Inc.

The remote planning engagement is conducted over 2 days via Microsoft Teams meetings. Within 4 weeks, we will provide a write-up of system goals and a statement of work.

Much like building a house, implementing a great ERP system starts with a solid plan. That’s why Innovia Consulting recommends a planning engagement for all companies prior to deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Like drafting a blueprint, this process allows you and us as the partner to develop a detailed plan and ensure we are clear on goals and developing the system to meet all your needs.

Innovia Consulting offers different scales of planning engagements. Companies should choose the remote option if they are transitioning from a simple system with only a few complex processes or business requirements. This planning engagement is conducted remotely over 2 days and results in the following deliverables:

  • A summary write up of system goals and any gaps which were identified
  • A statement of work to achieve your system goals

We know from experience that the remote planning engagement can save you time and money by minimizing surprises during the implementation process.

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