Microsoft Surface Dare to Compare


With Insight's Dare to Compare offer your business can create a roadmap for empowering the hybrid workforce with our presales services, and execute against this map with our post sales services.

Free value-added presales services

• Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance Workshop • Microsoft Endpoint Management Workshop • Windows Autopilot Test Flight

Microsoft Endpoint Management Workshop

Modern device management represents a wide range of IT functions, including user protection, device deployment and refreshing, managed applications, end-user support and rolling out new capabilities. Insight’s Microsoft Endpoint Management Workshop equips IT staff to enable their users to be productive on any device without compromising security.

Windows Autopilot Test Flight

Clients can get hands-on experience with Autopilot featuring Microsoft® Surface hardware. This PoC includes Insight’s delivery engineers assessing and implementing a Windows® Autopilot workflow into the client’s environment. Autopilot Test Flight helps you understand the functionality and value of Autopilot within your own business environments, as well as its impact to your IT and workforce, including device management modernization.

Security & Compliance Workshop

The Security & Compliance Workshop enables you to understand the data risks that may reside in your environment and how to address them. This workshop will show you how to identify data risks and assess your strategic objectives and priorities for compliance. You’ll also gain a greater understanding of Microsoft’s approach to ensuring compliance and develop an action plan with long-term recommendations for mitigating compliance risks. For our smaller clients, we have a condensed version available more narrowly focused on specific needs. • Microsoft Threat Protection Workshop • Microsoft Securing Identities Workshop • Microsoft Sentinel Workshop

Device as a Service

Insight’s Device as a Service (DaaS) helps you build bundles of endpoint hardware, full device lifecycle care services and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for your unique personas. The needs and requirements of these personas will shape the design of your DaaS bundles and ensure your devices and support models align to your environment and help accelerate the adoption of modern IT management.

Insight’s Autopilot value-added post-sales services

To help organizations empower hybrid work in their Microsoft® Surface device ecosystem, Insight also offers optional, free value-added post-sales services. These offerings have been developed to allow clients to get their hybrid workforce up to speed faster and more effectively, while reducing the burden on client IT teams.

Windows Autopilot standard deployment

Traditionally, IT pros spend a lot of time building and customizing images that will later be deployed to devices. Windows® Autopilot introduces a new approach that allows users to easily enable and benefit from a hybrid work environment. From the user’s perspective, it only takes a few simple operations to make their device ready to use. From the IT pro’s perspective, the only interaction required from the end user is to connect to a network and to verify their credentials. Everything beyond that is automated.

Windows Autopilot white glove deployment

Building on the benefits you receive from the Autopilot standard offering, Insight will: • Perform a power on self-test and visual inspection. • Complete app sideloading, application of user settings and policies, and Windows edition reconciliation. • Capture the serial and asset tag. • Conduct a quality assurance check, repackage and ship to the end user with the fully completed Autopilot deployment.

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