Supply Chain CO2e Emissions Reporting: Workshop


Certified Carbon Emissions Reporting

Supply Chain Leaders are now facing a great pressure from investors and society to run a more sustainable business and achieve sustainability goals in the committed timeline.

Industry challenges:

  • Too much data and different data sources
  • Lack of deep-dive analysis
  • Manual reporting by different teams
  • No visual monitoring

Lingaro experience:

  • GHG Emissions in Transportation - calculation of CO2 emissions and interactive dashboard with deep-dive analysis
  • Packaging Materials and Supplier Environmental Assessment – visual reporting and detailed analytics for each material shipped
  • Energy Consumption – detailed analytics of energy saving opportunities by warehouse, distribution center or plant
  • CSR reporting

Lingaro can support your Sustainability Team to validate business requirements, review available data, design, implement and supply chain sustainability reporting in one country and later execute a future roll-out across all regions.

  • Lingaro offers sustainability SME knowledge, technology skills and domain experience to support customer in the E2E process of creating and implementing CO2 emission reporting.
  • Support in data integration from systems to build one data model used for Sustainability Reporting.
  • Lingaro Partnership with EcoTransit and hands-on project experience in CO2 Emission Reporting.
  • Help connect knowledge and insights across your teams and regions, improve the accuracy of reporting.
  • Provide guidance on business and technology aspects including future roadmaps and self-development plan

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