Databricks Integration to MS Fabric

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Accelerate your mastery of Microsoft Fabric by engaging with a Featured Partner. Leverage MandelBulb's professional services to swiftly access the full capabilities of Microsoft Fabric

Maximize Your Potential with MandelBulb Technologies and Microsoft Fabric Integration Services!

MandelBulb Technologies is thrilled to introduce our tailored services for Azure Databricks customers looking to fully exploit the capabilities of Microsoft Fabric. As a Microsoft Fabric Featured Partner, we are expertly positioned to guide you through the complexities of Fabric, enhancing your infrastructure to benefit developers at all skill levels. By focusing on seamless real-time data reporting, accelerated project delivery with Copilot, and enriched interconnectivity between data science, warehousing, and reporting functions, we help you maximize efficiency without the need to relocate your data using Fabric’s efficient pathways.

Within just three weeks, MandelBulb Technologies promises to implement a sophisticated, fully optimized analytics framework within your existing Fabric setup.

Exclusive Offer Includes a Complimentary 1-Day Exploration Assessment to clearly define project scope, timeline, and provide a comprehensive fixed-rate proposal.

What We Offer

Initial Phase: Envisioning Workshop: Kick-off the project with a session to outline the primary high-value functionalities to be enhanced using Fabric.

Implementation Phase (Weeks 1-2): Setup and Integration: Install necessary components and execute the planned use case. Strategic Deployment: Methodical configuration to align with specified requirements.

Finalization Phase (Week 3): Documentation and Consolidation: Produce detailed technical documentation of the setup. Empowerment Workshops: Conduct two workshops focusing on:

  • Navigating Fabric’s technical landscape as per your setup.
  • Best practices for governance and operations within Fabric.

Deliverables By the end of our engagement, you will receive:

  • A fully operational, tailored Microsoft Fabric environment.
  • Complete design and execution of a specified use case from start to finish.
  • A bespoke Power BI report to navigate your new capabilities.
  • Comprehensive documentation alongside educational workshops to continue your journey.
  • A strategic future roadmap, estimating further time and resources required to meet your ongoing Fabric objectives.

Requirements To ensure a seamless deployment, MandelBulb Technologies will require:

  • Access to your company data.
  • Office 365 accounts for our specialists to set up and manage Microsoft Fabric services.

Our Expertise

At MandelBulb Technologies, we pride ourselves on our proficiency with Microsoft technologies and our ability to integrate Azure Data services seamlessly. We utilize the Microsoft Power Platform among other tools to provide innovative low/no-code solutions and can customize further when out-of-the-box options fall short. Our team is versatile across various programming languages and the full Microsoft BI stack, ensuring a solution that’s not just functional but forward-thinking. Discover more about us at:

Pricing This strategic opportunity is complimentary for eligible customers. Should the scope extend beyond initial estimations, we are prepared to offer a detailed, fixed-price quote. Additional charges may apply for requirements outside the Seattle metropolitan area.

Engage with MandelBulb Technologies today to transform your Microsoft Fabric experience and bring your data analytics to the forefront of technology.

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