Power BI Performance Improvement: 1-Day Assessment

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An assessment to analyze your Microsoft Power BI implementation and provide recommendations for improving performance.

Join us for a one-day engagement where we will review the current implementation state of your organization’s Power BI reports, data ecosystem, data architecture, and data models. Through this assessment, we will help you create a roadmap to improve the performance of your reports and dashboards.

Target Audience/Customers

  1. Power BI Developers
  2. Backend Developer
  3. Solution Architect


  1. Evaluation of your data ecosystem’s high-level architecture
  2. Evaluation of your existing reporting ecosystem (designing and modeling) against Power BI best practices
  3. Identification of pain points within your data ecosystem
  4. Identification of components within your architecture that require modifications to improve performance


At the end of this workshop, you will have the following deliverables:

  1. A list of recommendations you can implement to improve the effectiveness of your data ecosystem
  2. A roadmap providing actionable items to improve the performance of your Power BI reporting system


You will get the third person perspective on the entire ETL architecture, report design and modelling for the current solution


Please have all the report and solution architects in the meeting to discuss all the aspect of solution

Best Practices Guides

  1. [Power BI Best Practices] (
  2. [Azure Architecture Best Practices] (
  3. [Azure Security Best Practices] (

Please note

  1. Depending on the complexity of your system, this assessment might require us to collaborate with business analysts, business leaders, BI/DW report creators, and database administrators within your organization
  2. Any collaboration with stakeholders will be completed prior to the actual assessment

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