Microsoft 365 License Consultancy: 2-Days Assessment

Mayasoft Bilgi Sistemleri A.S.

Increase your Microsoft 365 license productivity with software inventory and determining Microsoft 365 application and security needs

 Improve your security and collaboration investments for the long and short term with Microsoft 365 application inventory and license management consulting. Lower your costs by replacing 3rd-party products with the Microsoft 365 product family. Two days of assessment for describing in-depth details of Microsoft 365 products Start using all available products, which are part of your Microsoft 365 licenses’ service plan details.
 Microsoft 365 application inventory and license management encompasses all research projects aimed at efficiently managing inventory services, lowering IT costs, and increasing efficiency through the taking of inventories and monitoring of hardware and software that are either working alone or connected to specific networks.

• Define user types & activity • Unallocated users & inactive users • Analysis of non-named user accounts • Used license reports • High-level output of key findings • Licensing consultant led advisory service • Obtaining the right licensing model for your security and collaboration needs • Presentation of findings

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