Connected Blueprint: 4 Wk Manufacturing Assessment

MCA Connect

Connected Blueprint includes custom recommendations and an execution plan designed to help manufacturers improve business outcomes and build resiliency with an agile supply chain.

MCA Connect's Connected Blueprint provides custom recommendations and an execution plan designed to fit your manufacturing needs to support a more agile, resilient supply chain. Designed for Manufacturers, Connected Blueprint focuses on your most critical business area to build a strategy for improved outcomes in just four weeks. Deliverables you'll receive include:

  1. Findings and Recommendations: Operational Excellence Analysis from our manufacturing experts
  2. Prioritized Kaizen Opportunity Pick Chart: Identified strategic opportunities prioritized based on level of business impact and effort
  3. Financial Value Estimate Model: Detailed ROI model tied directly to your P&L and balance sheet
  4. Execution Plan: Detailing immediate wins, costs, and timeline

Connected Blueprint Overview: Week 1: Assess & Discover -Executive Alignment (in person or remote) -Process Gemba Walk (in person or remote) -Real-Time Data Gathering and Analysis (financial and process review) -Targeted SME meetings (varies by assessment focus)

Weeks 2-3: Plan & Decide -Choose one workshop based on your critical focus area: --Create a More Resilient Supply Chain --Increase Manufacturing Productivity --Build a More Agile Factory --Automate Business Processes

Week 4: Deliver Blueprint Outcomes

The Connected Blueprint uncovers and prioritizes opportunities that will have the highest business impact in the shortest amount of time. From there, our manufacturing experts can help support your prioritized opportunities using Microsoft Cloud. Industry-centric business strategies paired with technologies such as Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management and Azure will be critical in your journey to Manufacturing 4.0 through the Connected Blueprint.

The cost for this engagement is estimated and may change based on the final scope of work included.

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