Power Apps to the People: 2-Day Workshop

MCA Connect

Increase agility across your organization and solve your tough challenges and pain points by rapidly building a low-code app in our 2-day workshop.

In this Power App Workshop, we’ll help you identify a specific business process issue or pain point that can be solved by developing a Power App. For a fixed cost of $3,200, we’ll demonstrate how Power Apps uses the Dataverse to store business data, integrates with Microsoft Flow to automate processes, we'll help you build your very own Power App, provide support, and can connect your Power App to Excel or other standard Microsoft products if needed.

What You Will Receive From This Workshop • Meeting with MCA Connect on-site or virtually to discuss and identify the specific issue • Co-develop and collaborate on the use case and app development • MCA Connect to demonstrate the Power App to your team and executives • Identified users download Power Apps to mobile devices • MCA Connect will grant access to the Power App • 30-day user evaluation • Weekly evaluation updates with MCA Connect • 2 revisions to the Power App

Day One Agenda • Discuss and review current processes and identify pain points • Project requirements established • Begin creation of Power App

Day Two Agenda • Development of Power App finalized • Power App demonstration and user training • Connect Power App to existing systems

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