Office 365 Teamwork Security - Managed Service


Teamwork Security provides a comprehensive security management service for Office 365 platforms

Cognizant Microsoft Business Group's Teamwork Security managed service provides a comprehensive security monitoring and response service for Office 365 and other SaaS applications. Empowering employees to securely collaborate, access, and work from any location.

Every day, your employees access sensitive business information on multiple devices. Protecting that data is vital to your success as a business, and the best way to ensure that you mitigate risk, respond quickly to threats, and maintain a flexible workforce is through a managed security structure. Without expert management of your teamwork security landscape, many breaches go unnoticed. 53% of cyber-attacks are undetected and 91% don’t generate an alert. But with the Cognizant MBG (a member of MISA) in your corner, any worry is replaced with peace of mind.

Teamwork Security manages, optimizes and protects customer Office 365 environments. By keeping Office 365 and other SaaS applications safe from threats with 24x7 Microsoft security support and managed threat detection and response services. This service complements and integrates with your existing IT services, enabling your team to focus on providing great user support and working on initiatives that deliver significant business value. We'll efficiently handles the activities normally associated with security monitoring of your business, Office 365 and cloud application security events.

Built using cloud native technologies that integrate with Microsoft Graph, the service has built-in support for alerts originating with Defender for Office 365, Microsoft Information Protection, and Microsoft Cloud App Security technologies. We also provide detailed monthly reporting on all mitigating actions.

Whether it’s the protection of cloud platforms like Office 365 or other cloud applications, Teamwork Security comprehensively secures your entire productivity and collaboration platform.

Offer price and duration are customised based on your requirements.

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