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Core Grant Management:

  • **Grant Tracking:** Ability to track individual grants, including grantors, award amounts, start and end dates, restrictions, and reporting requirements.
  • **Budgeting & Forecasting:** Tools to create and manage budgets for each grant, track actual spending against budgets, and forecast future expenditures.
  • **Expense Allocation:** Ability to allocate expenses to specific grants based on percentages, amounts, or other criteria.
  • **Matching & Cost Sharing:** Functionality to track matching funds or cost-sharing requirements associated with grants.

Financial Reporting & Compliance:

  • **Fund Accounting:** Support for fund accounting principles, allowing for separate tracking of restricted and unrestricted funds.
  • **Grant-Specific Reporting:** Ability to generate reports tailored to the requirements of different grantors, including financial statements, expense reports, and programmatic impact reports.
  • **Compliance Tracking:** Tools to monitor compliance with grant terms and conditions, including allowable expenses, reporting deadlines, and performance metrics.
  • **Audit Trail:** A comprehensive audit trail that records all grant-related transactions for transparency and accountability.

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