Microsoft 365 Co-pilot End User Adoption and training materials


A series of interactive workshops for end-users showcasing Copilot and its capabilities across the Microsoft 365 platform and applications.

These workshops show users how Microsoft 365 Copilot benefits the ways of working within your organization.

These sessions will provide sector-specific examples, use-cases, and scenarios across the Microsoft 365 suite to give attendees an overview of how it can boost productivity and collaboration.

The examples given can be tailored to the products and use cases pertinent to the organisation. These can be great opening sessions that link up with other workshops in our offering. We can offer supporting materials such as training videos and guides as well as hypercare/floorwalking to support go-live.

The range of workshops that the Phoenix ACM Team offers are:

  • Instructor-led workshops: these can be delivered face-to-face or remote, providing a virtual training experience

  • Video content: short ‘how to’ topics recorded within your own tenant to walk your staff through the basics or specific workflow streams

  • Infographics or guides: covering the 'how-to' of a topic / product provided in a PDF version branded to your organization.

  • Responsible and Ethical AI

  • Prepare for Microsoft 365 Copilot

  • Copilot in Teams

  • Copilot in Outlook

  • Copilot in Word

  • Copilot in PowerPoint

  • Copilot in Excel

  • Copilot in OneNote

  • Copilot in Loop

  • Microsoft 365 Chat

  • Microsoft 365 Copilot Prompts

  • Bing Chat

  • Managing Change from Copilot

For illustrative purposes, the following is the agenda for our Managing Change from Copilot workshop:

Target audience: BDM, Legal Teams, IT Leaders, Policy Makers Workshop duration: 3 hours Skills Level/Delivery/Pre-req: Intermediate/Steady pace/Policy experience Maximum attendees: 25 Delivery: Remote (via Teams) or Classroom


• Welcome and introduction • Overview of Copilot and AI • Discussion on current policy around AI (if applicable) • Discussion around culture surrounding AI • Establishing clear outcomes for policies that need to be written, agreed, and rolled out • Talking through ADKAR steps for bringing the organization along with the journey • Next steps • Q&A and discussion

Session Outcomes:

• Robust dialogue on the impact AI will have on procedures and culture on the organisation and its staff • Establish direction for policies on AI • Clear vision on changes to working practices • Outline of change management plan through each of the steps of ADKAR

Please see the attached datasheet for a comprehensive breakdown of our copilot ACM catalogue

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