Tableau to Power BI Migration: 4-Wk Implementation

Pomerol Partners Ltd

Our accelerator package to quickly and efficiently migrate your Tableau dashboards and infrastructure to Power BI

Our team of business intelligence consultants will partner with you to replicate your Tableau dashboards, reports, ETL process and infrastructure in Power BI.

The objectives of our approach to migrations to Power BI are:

  • Maximise ROI - focus scope of migration to only where value is added
  • Automate - minimize time and costs by automating wherever possible
  • Optimise for Power BI - tailor the solution to leverage Power BI strengths
  • Drive User Adoption - ensure the success of the migration effort by encouraging user adoption

Our consultants are experts in Tableau, we have worked with Tableau for over 10 years and still deliver BI solutions with it today. We understand how to translate what works well in Tableau into what works well in Power BI.

We leverage automation tools to accelerate the migration process as much as possible to minimise the cost to our clients.

Our migration process consists of two phases:

  1. Assessment and planning
  2. Delivery and optimisation

Assessment and Planning

  • cataloguing of your BI and data assets
  • analysis of the consumption and usage of your Tableau dashboards
  • understanding of the original business case and current business needs of your reporting
  • recommendations for rationalisation of your BI assets based on redundancy and duplication
  • strategic prioritization of Tableau dashboards for migration
  • creation of roadmap for migrating to Power BI


  • automated creation of Power BI reports from Tableau dashboards
  • senior BI consultant finalises reports and optimises design to leverage the strengths of Power BI
  • automated unit tests to verify accuracy of content
  • end user training to drive user adoption
  • implement governance policies to ensure security and stability

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