10-Day Workshop Power Platform Hackathon Service


Discover key needs and problems in your company, find solutions based on technology and increase the power of innovation within your organization with Prodware's Hackathon Power Platform service.

A hackathon is a collaborative event that brings together different people to find solutions to a challenge. Participants brainstorm, collaborate and develop solutions. The goal of Prodware's Hackathon Power Platform is to have a prototype or proof of concept based on Microsoft Power Apps ready at the end of this 10-day event.

A hackathon is a fun way to engage many people in your organization around a digital culture of change looking to develop applications and cultivate ideas to drive digital transformation. Teams come together, by business area or on a global scale, from different roles and departments to compete and create applications that address an organizational need.


  • Discover key business needs and problems by finding solutions based on Power Platform.
  • Inspire employees on how to work with Power Platform.
  • To make employees aware of the importance of their role in the company, not only as part of it, but also as knowledgeable about its reality and as solvers of its challenges.
  • To open a new horizon of possibilities for the resolution of present and future challenges through motivated participants.
  • To find future Power Platform specialists and champions.
  • Increase the power of innovation

This service includes:

  • Hackathon Management
  • Preparation of the Preliminary Phase.
  • Competition Phase.    - Day 1. Presentation and Training Session.    - Days 2 and 3. Sessions of practical work.    - Day 4. Closing session.
  • Closing: Elaboration of report.
  • Days 5-10. Post consultancy pack.
  • Advanced training: App in a Day.



  • Appointing a Sponsor
  • Define objectives, challenges and KPIs
  • Action plan
  • Communication plan
  • Prepare the dynamics
  • Prepare environments
  • Decide on participants


  1. Presentation and training
  2. Practical work sessions and creation of Power Apps
  3. Presentation and defense of ideas


  • Selection and implementation of ideas
  • Closing report and conclusions

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